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July 12, 2013
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Al F. Jones. Blood red are his eyes, reddish-brown is his hair, and tanned is his skin. One of the most sexiest men in your high school, however he was also one of the scariest for some. He's killed many and doesn't take crap from anyone. He is 18 years old and currently has a mega crush on you, though you didn't know. He was your best friend and your crush. The both of you had met in the second grade.


You happily skipped over to a slide and waited for your turn. You were as happy as can be, your (e/c) gleaming. You stood in front of the slide and you were about to go down until, a boy named Eduard von Bock, pushed you. You tumbled down the slide, hearing your leg snap from the impact you made with your body weight, hitting the metal slide. You finally made it to the bottom falling on your face in the dirt. You wailed, at the pain in your leg. And the bruises on your body. A boy named Al F. Jones had seen the whole thing and ran over. 

"Are you okay doll!?" You shook your head and bawled. The same boy who pushed you laughed in your face.

"She's just stupid and ugly!" Al growled, his red eyes glowed with pure hatred. He spat at the Estonian boy. 

"Get lost you idiot, before I kill you!" Al held up his spiked baseball bat and Eduard backed away.

"Can you get up?" Al asked softly. You shook your head. Before you knew it, Al scooped you up in his arms and walked to the nurses office.

From that day on, the both of you had become best friends. He was always there for you and no one ever bothered you. Later on you met his brother Matt and his two friends Oliver and Francois. Al protected you from harm and was the best friend. The two of you did everything together. As the years went by, you started to become more developed, which brought the attraction of other boys. One day, everyone in the 9th grade were going on a trip to a water park. You and Al were sitting in the bus and it drove off to the  water park. When it arrived, you squeed and practically dragged Al out of the bus. 

"Wait here Al!"

"Okay doll." You ran into the changing room and took off your top and pants to reveal a cute, red and black, 2 piece swimsuit. Al waited for you to return.

"HEY AL!!! OVER HERE!!!" You ran over to him at full speed, successfully knocking the both of you down. He growled, then when he looked at you his eyes grew wide.

"_-_____..." You climbed off of him a stood up, blushing.

"Hm? Does it look terrible?" 

"You look great doll face." A Prussian boy walked by and stopped, checking you out.

"Who's this sexy Frau~?" You blushed madly and Al growled, gritting his teeth.

Let's just say that Gilbert never even made eye contact with you again after what damage Al did to him. (Anyway, enough down crappy memory lane.)


You were currently laying on big hill in your backyard. Al climbed over your fence and walked over to you. 

"Hey doll, what the fuck are you doing?" You smiled up at him and patted a spot for him to lay. He laid down next to you.

"Laying here dude." He closed his eyes and thought.

"What are you doing?"


"About what?"


"Who?" You began to pry, it was rare that he thought about someone.

"A girl." Your heart rate increased out of anger.

"Who is this girl?" You're voice cracked slightly. He smirked.

"She has (h/l) (h/c) hair and pretty (e/c) eyes. She's my best friend. My biggest crush, and my only love." Your eyes widened, your exact description and you were his best friend. And his only female friend. Was this all coming true? Was your crush confessing to you?

"W-what's her name?" He opened his red eyes and moved closer to you. He licked the shell of your ear.

"_______ ________ and she's sitting right in front of me." He whispered in your ear sending chills down your spine.

"You love me Al?" You blushed.

"Yes baby doll. Ever since we met in the second grade. I've always wanted to protect you. When we got older and guys flirted with you, I would get angry. I had developed a crush on you but as time progressed, it turned from me liking you, to me loving you. I'm not great with explaining but I just fucking love you so much ______!" 

"I love you too Al!" You hugged him, so happy with your new boyfriend. He tilted your head up with his fingers and kissed you. You opened your mouth a little and his tongue explored the cavern. You felt his tongue ring clank against one of your teeth but, dance around with your tongue. The two of you broke apart for air and you smiled warmly at him. He grinned, showing off his missing tooth. You laughed and pecked his cheek.

"You're my girl."

When the two of you went to school the next day, he kept an arm around your shoulder and held his bloodied, baseball bat, that had nails and glass shards poking out of it, in the other hand. A boy went behind you and grabbed your ass. Then he ripped off your skirt. Your eyes widened. The boy started to run but was stopped when Oliver, Matt and Francois blocked his path. You covered yourself and ran to Oliver. Al had grabbed the boy by his shirt and dragged him somewhere. Oliver picked you up and brought you to Matt's truck. He found you a pair off Al's old jeans from when he was younger. You put them on and they fit perfectly, except for the waist because of your feminine curves. You thanked Ollie and walked back in the school. When you got there Al was waiting for you. He saw you in his jeans and blushed. Your eyes widened and you stopped and stared.

"What?" He said blushing a bit more.

"The great Al Fred Jones is blushing? This is momentous. This... THIS IS A FREAKING KODAK MOMENT!" He laughed and then pecked your lips. The two of you walked to class laughing like idiots. Matt and Francois watched in the background.

"They make the perfect couple, right asswipe?" Matt questioned.

"Oui, that they do you little fuck." Fran threw his cigarette on the ground and stepped on it.

"Whatever, let's go shit stain. Ollie has the guy in the truck." Fran perked up.

"I can't wait to hear this guy scream. Al is sure going to have his fun killing him."

"Wouldn't you? It's his girl the guy messed with." 

"I wish she were mine." Al appeared and growled.

"What did you say~?" He had a big smile on his face and his baseball bat was raised in a swinging motion. Before Fran could say anything Al swung the bat at him and walked away. Matt groaned.

"Thanks a lot dumbass, now I have to carry him!"

"Like you said, she's my girl and I'll do anything for her."
Request for my awesome friend: :iconamnisatherpy:
I hope this wasn't too bad chica!
I do not own the picture.
I do not own the characters.
I own the story or plot-line.
You are owned by :icon2pamericaplz: or maybe you own yourself.

I hope you enjoyed. It's kinda crappy, but I'm not too familiar with 2Ps yet. Once I get better I'll make another~!
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